New rules and commitments

A few changes are planned this coming season. They’ve been figured out through talks with the players and general observations of the running of the events.

  • Penina pros will play in flights of 3 with maximum one amateur who has to be lower than hcp 4,5!
  • Senior pros will play in flights of 3, with maximum one amateur who has to be lower than hcp 12!
  • Ladies will have their own ranking when at least 3 playing. If this is not the case, they will be added in the Penina pro category while respecting a maximum yardage advantage of 15%!
  • Game pros are encouraged to participate although with less prize money. But they are allowed to play with 2 amateurs. If they inscribe themselves with 2 amateurs they would be immediately be refunded 50€ from the added entry fee the amateurs have to pay (see below: ‘The game pro category’)!
  • Pros will be as much as possible paired with players of their own field.
  • Pros will begin the day, the amateur flights will always start last.

The Game Pro category

Not many teachers have embraced this category. This is sad, as we have made it as interesting as possible for them to come along and play for some cash of their own. Enjoy some quality time with their students. Without suffering the embarrassment of bad scoring as no scores will be made public and only the winners will get their names edited!

So what’s holding them back?

Maybe it’s the lack of financial attractiveness?

If this could be the case, we have tried to make it even more attractive for them. As they are the only pros to be allowed to play with 2 amateurs, why wouldn’t they invite two of their own pupils to come and enjoy a competitive round in their company?

But, while doing this, we think the Game Pros ought to ask them more than the 85€ entrance fee and offer a full day of coaching under competitive spirit!

What should a full day out with one’s coach on an unknown course be worth? How attractive would this be while playing competitive golf and get a chance of winning great golf prize? And being able to get feedback of the day’s happening with practice time to correct the issues noticed on the golf course?


Couldn't this be worth 150 up to 250€?


Just think it through : 8 hours with a teaching Pro including a 18 holes GF in a competitive round + post round feedback and practice time! Couldn't it be included in a coaching scheme of some sort?

The opportunities are endless!

And to help, we are in the process of preparing for you a little brochure where you will be able to adapt your fees and invite your students to enjoy this rare opportunity unequalled in the market!


So Game Pros have now 3 possibilities:

  • Just pay and play with pros:. 60€ entrance fee with 50% added to a specific game pro prize money pot.
  • Just pay and play with unknown amateurs: they get 25€ for every amateur they play with!
  • Invite their students and play alongside them their own individual card! 230€ entrance fee , for all 3 players (if PGA Club members) with 50€ going back to the Game Pro + the extra charge they would have been paid for directly by their students as described here above.

Warning: this is our last attempt to attract all former players and those who think they haven’t got the game to compete against the Penina Pros ! We believe you have much to offer to your pupils through on course coaching. Not to mention that your students may have a chance in winning some great prizes too!