Basic Education


Do you wish to help newcomers to become fulfilled players? Do you wish to coach pupils to reach their full potential? Do you wish to understand the complexity of the game and be able to guide all players, of all age and gender, to enjoy their game and teach them skills and abilities they specifically need to better themselves?


All of this is reachable, and the PGA of Belgium is committed to bring to all its students, the means to understand the huge variety of personalities, morphologies and body features as well as mobility preferences of all kind of players, so as to adapt their teaching skills to the needs of their pupils.


The program is complex and includes a state run all round sports education program, as well as a golf specific program. In Vlaanderen, the two first levels are coordinated by Golf Vlaanderen & Sport Vlaanderen in collaboration with PGA of Belgium tutors. In Wallonia, they are administrated by the AFGOLF, in collaboration with ADEPS and the PGA of Belgium. The PGA of Belgium tutors teach the technical specifics of golf and all other aspects regarding the sport itself, such as rules, equipment technology, event organization, course architecture and computer coaching.


These courses are presented throughout 3 levels of certifications and should be followed jointly with the two first levels of the state run sports education programs in Wallonia, and all 3 levels in Flanders. Only the 2 first levels are compulsory to become a qualified teacher. The third year is tailored around management and marketing topics for those who which to expand their fields of expressions in the golf world.


So as to be better adapted to local and linguistics needs, the PGA and the regional golf bodies jointly run the education plan. In Vlaanderen, the students, called Trainees, have to sign up through Golf Vlaanderen for their first 2 levels of education, in Wallonia the Trainees will have to contact the AFGOLF.


We offer 3 levels of certification:

  • Initiator (coordinated by the regional golf associations)
  • PGA Coach (coordinated by the regional golf associations)
  • PGA professional


At every level, the Trainees are certified and gain access to a form or another of remuneration. The Initiators being the most restricted as a maximum annual income is legally acceptable by the Belgium state (to be checked annually!) and is bound to very strict work ethics, that if not respected could lead to their exclusion of the golf community at large.


As soon as a Trainee successfully passes his second level of instruction he becomes a PGA coach and can start his career of teaching under a self employed status (link to the legal aspects of this in both regions) and be fully employed as a teacher & coach.


The PGA of Belgium nationally runs the 3rd level of certification, the PGA Professional level. The courses are in English and the Trainees will need to write a thesis, in their preferred language, to obtain the title of PGA Professional. At this level, the instruction is more concerned about management and marketing aspects of the trade, as well as the golf course maintenance and architectural perspectives.


Jointly to this basic education program, the PGA of Belgium runs annually a continued education plan where all subjects concerning the trade of golf are covered. Most of these are open to all keen amateur golfers, as the topics all deal with the evolution of the game.


You will find here after, a more extensive presentation of the 3 levels of education proposed as well as a link to this years continued education propositions.


Golf is a world wide activity, and all our courses are open to all the PGAs of the world, so coming to attend our Continued Personal Development (CPD) courses will enable all attendees to meet neighbouring countries pros and extend their own networking.


We are pleased to say to all our Trainees, that their certifications will enable them to work in all 35 countries who are members of the CPG-Confederation of Professional Golf, the former PGAs of Europe!


To become an INITIATOR


In French, through the AFGOLF: 250€

In Flemish, through Golf Vlaanderen: 305€ (all manuals included)


The courses include teaching didactics, basic technical aspects of the game, safeguarding, golf equipment, event organization, rules of golf and regional visions, as well as a commitment to attend regional promotional  activities.


Jointly, the Trainees will undergo an Initiator course through their respective regional sport bodies (Sport Vlaanderen and ADEPS)


To become a fully qualified Teacher & PGA coach


In French, through the AFGOLF, 2500€+ manuals

In Flemish, through Golf Vlaanderen


In both communities, the Trainees have to follow internship time with their respective governing bodies and also their internship supervisors (the head-pro).  All details of these courses can be found on the websites of Golf Vlaanderen and AFGOLF


Jointly, the Trainees will undergo an educator course through their respective regional sport bodies (Sport Vlaanderen and ADEPS). And In Flanders, the student is required to pass the Trainer level as well.



To become a fully qualified PGA Professional


To reach the PGA Professional status, the trainees will have to successfully pass the 5 theoretical exams and/or assignments in the following subjects and present an end of term thesis over a chosen topic regarding the sport of golf.  A number of compulsory CPD courses will also have to be attended which will change yearly.

  • Management skills applied to golf, by Ben Ooms
    • 4 days of theoretical courses + written exam
    • 2 internships + reports (administration and shop)
  • How to be self-commercial, by A. Otterström
    • 2 days theoretical
    • Assignment in yearly planning
  • Golf Architecture, by B. Steensels
    • 2 days theoretical + written exam
    • Assignment in golf course design
  • Computer Coaching, by H. Lundqvist
    • 3-day theoretical and practical + written exam
  • MBTI & leadership Training + links with ACTIONTYPE
    • 4 days theoretical + written exam
  • + 2 courses to choose in the continued education program of the PGA of Belgium

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