Continued Education


At the PGA of Belgium we believe in longlife learning.

“The moment you stop striving to become better, you also stop being good”

PGA Coaches and Professionals are required to update their knowledge in order to optimise their service to their clients.  The PGA of Belgium actively promotes this vision by organising a variety of seminars through the year.


Its Classification System allows for a fair assessment of ones involvement through the year in different areas.  At the end of January of each year, an updated list is published and send to the Clubs for their consideration.


More and more Clubs use the Classification List in search for a new Coach or Professional.


>>> Classification System (pdf)

>>> 2021 Classification List (Alphabetic)

>>> 2021 Classification List (Numeric)


Your professional is not listed?  Then he/she may not be qualified as Coach/Professional or he/she is not a member...



Certification courses and International speakers 


11 & 12 October 2021: Phil Allen  on 'The scoring game (wedging, around the green & bunker)',

10am to 6pm, R. Bercuit GC

Day 1: AM: Theoretical powerpoint presentation explaining the short-game system on how to produce the best strike, flight and spin for individual shots

Day 1 PM: demonstration and lessons on certain shots showing how easy it can be

Day 2: Discussion on wedge game and basic shots around the green and bunkers


27, 28 & 29 October 2021: Paul Kaster, Kaleigh Franklin (TPi) & Dr. Nick Molinaro, CANCELLED

10am to 6pm, R. Bercuit GC

Paul Kaster’s visit is the key feature of our Continued education and has been a long time waiting.

We are very proud to have him over, and he has prepared  a complete 3 days training covering many issues of teaching and will be  presenting his way of teaching using sophisticated technological aids and the benefits of combining training schemes with a physical expert and a mental coach.

As you will see here below in the planning of his 3 days, there are subjects that can and should be interesting to some of our pupils, and we invite you to bring them along.

The training of Juniors should be a very important topic for all parents of talented youngsters and we feel you should invite them along as well as the juniors themselves (50% off). This would help them discover new means of training and allow them to further their coaching process.

The mid handicap training should interest all keen and motivated players, and help them gather new ways of developing their game with the help of new concepts in their learning. So bringing them along on the second day should be interesting.


  • Day 1 AM:  
    • Paul and Kayleigh introduction and discuss foundational philosophies for how we approach player development, and how we work together. 
    • Paul and Kayleigh talk about technology we use at our facilities, role it plays in evaluation and prioritizing exercises, swing development and exercise programs. 
    • Q & A


  • Day 1 PM:
    • Live Evaluation of junior golfer. 
    • Paul works with junior golfer for an hour on priority areas. 
    • Kayleigh creates fitness program and then explains.
    • Junior leaves, we discuss how fitness and golf pieces will combine. 


  • Day 2 AM:
    • Paul does brief recap of first day, how we will work things going forward. 
    • Paul works with junior golfer if schedule/availability permits on full swing, short game and putting based on evaluation. 


  • Day 2 PM: 
    • mental game expert who discusses mental game or performance coaching, academic development, tournament scheduling. 
    • How we balance and prioritize all aspects in junior development. 
    • Paul shares experiences and thoughts regarding the above. 
    • The role of club fitting in coaching adults and juniors


  • Day 3 AM:
    • Short game coaching for adults and juniors
    • Putting instruction & putter fitting for adults and juniors
    • Paul discusses career development, continuing education, social media. 


  • Day 3PM:
    • 1 hour Question & Answer after lunch. 


8 & 9 November: Henrik Lundqvist on 'Computer coaching

R.Bercuit GC, 10am to 6pm


22 November 2021: Jochem Burghouts on 'Putting with Data', TBA



Michel Vanmeerbeek, National Head-Coach on 'Finding the players swing' and strenghening your junior coaching


George Mackechnie, Golf Vlaanderen head-Coach

Participation Fee

Prices vary on type of membership, and are sometimes paid in part by the subscriptions.

All prices include all day catering.