Continued Education


At the PGA of Belgium we believe in longlife learning.

“The moment you stop striving to become better, you also stop being good”

PGA Coaches and Professionals are required to update their knowledge in order to optimise their service to their clients.  The PGA of Belgium actively promotes this vision by organising a variety of seminars through the year.


Its Classification System allows for a fair assessment of ones involvement through the year in different areas.  At the end of January of each year, an updated list is published and send to the Clubs for their consideration.


More and more Clubs use the Classification List in search for a new Coach or Professional.


>>> Classification System (pdf)


>>> 2020 Classification List (Alphabetic)

>>> 2020 Classification List (Numeric)


Your professional is not listed?  Then he/she may not be qualified as Coach/Professional or he/she is not a member...



Certification courses and International speakers Calendar


  • Monday 20 to wednesday 22 April: 'The Putt Doctor' associate certification course with world renowned Craig Farnsworth.

    (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 Crisis, to be rescheduled)
    3 day on site training , tba

Only 8 teachers will be allowed to attend!

PGA Coach & Professional: € 1.300,-


  • Thursday 8 and Friday 9 October: 'BioSwing Dynamics-BSD', by Mike Adams

    Level 1 & level 2 certification for pros,

at the Golf d'Hulencourt

PGA Pros: 450€

PGA Club: 550€ (no certification!)

All others: 650€ (no certification!)


  • Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October:  'Junior coaching' and 'K-coaching',  by Paul Kaster.                                       

at the Royal Bercuit GC,

PGA Coach*: €125

PGA Professional: €100,-

PGA Club: €150,-


  • Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 December: SMART2MOVE, by Gregory Lebrat

Level 1&2 certification, at the Golf d'Hulencourt

PGA Pros: 380€

PGA Club: 450€ (no certification)

All others: 550€ (no certification) 

Seminar & Conference Calendar

Prices vary on type of membership, and are sometimes paid in part by the subscriptions.

All prices include all day catering.


  • Thursday 23 April:  'The Putt Doctor', by Craig Farnsworth, (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 Crisis. To be rescheduled)


  • Thursday 11 and Friday 12 June:  How to be Self-Commercial*, (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 Crisis) by Anthony Otterström, at the Royal Bercuit GC
    PGA Coach*: €250,-
    PGA Professional: €150,- (certification + €50)


  • Friday 26 June:  Business in Golf*,  by Steve Astle at the Royal Bercuit GC (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 Crisis. To be rescheduled)


  • Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 October: Management Skills applied to Golf-part 1*, by Ben Ooms, at the Royal Bercuit GC, & Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November: Management Skills applied to Golf-part 2*, by Ben Ooms , tba

PGA Coach*: €600,-
PGA Professional: €300,- (certification +€100,-)
Club staff member of PGA Club: €350,- (certification + €100,-)
Club staff non-member of PGA Club: €500,- (certification + €100,-)


  • Monday 30 November and Tuesday 1 December, Golf Architecture & Course Design*, by Bruno Steensels, tba

PGA Coach*: €250,- (assignment included)
PGA Professional: €100,-

PGA Club: €150,-


  • tba, Golf Course Strategy & Design*, by Per Fulke , with Henrik Lundqvist, tba
    PGA Coach*: 125,-
    PGA Professional: €100,-
    PGA club: €150,-

        All others: €200,-


  • Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 December: How to be Self-Commercial*,  by Anthony Otterström, at the Royal Bercuit GC

PGA Coach*: €250,-
PGA Professional: €150,- (certification + €50)


    • tba, Computer Coaching*, by Henrik Lundqvist, at the Royal Bercuit GC

    PGA Coach: €250,-
    PGA Professional: €200,-


    * Part of PGA Professional education program