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Continued Education


At the PGA of Belgium we believe in longlife learning.

“The moment you stop striving to become better, you also stop being good”

PGA Coaches and Professionals are required to update their knowledge in order to optimise their service to their clients.  The PGA of Belgium actively promotes this vision by organising a variety of seminars through the year.


Its Classification System allows for a fair assessment of ones involvement through the year in different areas.  At the end of January of each year, an updated list is published and send to the Clubs for their consideration.


More and more Clubs use the Classification List in search for a new Coach or Professional.


>>> Classification System (pdf)

>>> 2022 Classification List (Alphabetic)

>>> 2022 Classification List (Numeric)


Your professional is not listed?  Then he/she may not be qualified as Coach/Professional or he/she is not a member...



Certification courses and International speakers 



    PAUL KASTER &co (featuring K.Franklin Tpi & Dr. Nick Molinaro)

    Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th & Friday 28th of October 2022 10am-5pm

    PAF PGA  Pro & Coach: 335€ or 125€/day

    PGA Initiators: 360€ (140€/day)

    Amateurs: 385€ (155€/day)

    Henrik Lundqvist, Computer Coaching (trackman and K-coach 3D

    Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th of November 2022 10am-5pm

    PAF PGA  Pro : 200€ 

    PGA Coaches (part of basic education year 3): 500€

    No Amateurs



    Ellen de Wilde & Guido Jacobs: Train the Trainer with MBTI/ACTIONTYPE

    Mondays 23/01, 30/01, 6/02 & 20/02 2023 10am-5pm

    PAF PGA  Pro : 100€/day 

    PGA Coaches (part of basic education year 3): 600€ (all 4 days)

    No Amateurs

    SEMINAR 1 : who is my student
    Monday January 23, 2023

    SEMINAR 2: HOW to increase the impact of your words
    Monday January 30, 2023

    SEMINAR 3: Bringing your students to a higher level
    Monday February 6, 2023

    SEMINAR 4: how to increase your impact on the club
    Monday February 20, 2023



    Participation Fee

    Prices vary on type of membership, and are sometimes paid in part by the subscriptions.