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Paul Kaster & co




3 days seminar, starting on Wednesday 26 October and ending on Friday 28.
Possibilities of coming to one day only. Schedule to be announced soon.
With special intervention by Kayleigh Franklin (TPI level 3) on site on the 26th and by Dr. Nick Molinaro by video conference.

Major education seminar of the season where we hope to see as many pros as we can, as we will be covering the modernisation of the coaching work and establishing how to build ones coaching services in these modern days and reach international appeal!


All 3 days will have specific contents that are possible to follow day by day. The first day will cover junior training and case studies where Paul and Kayleigh Franklin will present us with their collaboration work on different students of theirs. They'll be talking about their remote coaching programs as well as the body swing assessment they have installed with their pupils.


On the second day we will be going through performance coaching and hear renowned mental coach Dr. Nick Molinaro