16 dates, 4 local tours, 4 majors


The calendar is nearly ready, and a full season of extra prize money is up for grabs for many of you, as all 4 categories of pros get to enjoy more ways of bringing in some income while playing!


The 2021 season has proven that we can offer more money to our players than they brought themselves.

Our best players, competing in the Penina Pro category brought in all 4 tours 10.080€ (168 entries) and received 19.665€  back as prize money during the Monday Tour events alone! (11.665€ direct event prize money and 8.000€ in bonuses for final local tour rankings offered by our main sponsor VBS and Eurowater nearly doubling their input!

Extra prize money was added to the PGA Masters and the PGA Championship by Ulysse n.v., and in all it’s more than 15.000€ that was brought in by our sponsors! Yet we believe we could bring still more of them and thereby increase even more the attractiveness of our MONDAY TOUR! But for this to happen, we need your input and we need you to point us towards some leads (see: ‘Join our team of sponsors seekers’)


The input by the amateurs is also important as they enabled an increase in prize money of nearly 5.000€ for the Penina pros alone!  If we were to attract more amateurs (55) and keep our best attendances of pros (35) they could add up to 20.000€ of extra income/year!


So how will we reach these goals? (see next article: A new team to run our Monday Tour)


The local tour: 4 event per tour with a 2000€ bonus, and still rising, for the 4 best final ranked players + a Briston watch for the winner and a place at the end of year Masters!


The Royal Series: a prestigious watch by BRISTON is to be awarded to the best ranked player in all Royal golf courses.


The Majors: To be played on 2 or more rounds, with extra order of merit points for the Race to Penina!