They’re out, they’re in!


These last 3 years the PGA has been battling to renew it’s Partners as one after the other former Partners have chosen not to renew the contract.  We had to replace EY, Mercedes and Securitas as all of these long standing supporters of our trade decided to change their support to the world of sports.

We did this successfully by re-imagining our sponsoring policies and offers.

First to join were Bank NagelmackersMaxwood & Descroes, but they were just temporary solutions and we thank them for the help they provided, and although they all might come back, they have decided to back more individual projects by supporting some of our most aspiring players.

They were quickly joined by Publisize (who supplies us all our branding, boards and flags), Social Kick (that will supply us a renewed website), Chervo & Bridgestone, Active Golf & Thalasso, VBS irrigatie systemen, Eurowater, Ulysse, WhizzGolf, Beats of Golf, Ge-Fibo (who supplies us with expertise in accountancy) and Briston Watches.

Loosing Bank Nagelmakers, this coming year, was a huge blow in our treasury as they were a national supporter of the PGA and an important financial provider. But thanks to some great bounce back attitude by our Chairman Tom Blanckaert, we are happy to say that we have replaced them by two new partners!


Yes, you heard it: 2 national Partners have joined us! They are Tobania (expert in IT) and Callant VerzekeringenFurthermore we have addidtional suppliers such as Van Bavel Premiums and Business Gifts, Huyghebaert & Mommens Real Estates and a few more in the pipeline...


So the season 2022 is again fully backed by a great team of Partners, all keen on helping our trade to grow and promote our playing skills. And we are pleased to announce that our budget is well supported once more!


Check out their products & services and don’t hesitate to bring their services to the attention of your clients and golf club.