Join our team of sponsors seekers, and learn how to seek them for your own business!

To be able to attract all of these Partners, we have developed a new vision of our sponsoring policies, allowing our partners to activate a wide variety of services in areas that meet their requirements and needs.

We have a long list of possible use of their money and they get to choose where they invest!

We have worked out a system that we call ‘Prospecting and pipeline building’ that allows us to make all our work attractive and see how we are advancing with all of them. We’ve made it all available on Google Drive so that all can see how things are advancing with different leads.

So, if you think you know people who could be interested in supporting our association, why not join our team of sponsors seekers and join up all our resources to convince them to join! We have plans for them however small their investment may be!

This is not voluntary based, by working in this group and signing in new partners, all involved get to share a finder’s fee of at least 10%!

If you know some people who could benefit from a sponsoring deal with the PGA and you would like to learn how to contact them to setup a first exploration meeting, then I think you ought to contact me as soon as possible.

You’ll begin a new journey where you will get to understand how to attract business partners to run our events and allow our association to grow to everyone’s benefit!

So don’t waste time, and join us by signing up here to a first online meeting with me so that I can present our deals and how to get them to sign a contract!