A complicated year but still with some remarkable events and speakers


It was once more a frustrating year for our continued education program, as we had to cancel two of our most prestigious speakers this year as Covid restrictions rules hindered our planning.


But this is only temporary as both speakers, Paul Kaster and Dr. Craig Farnsworth have agreed to come over once these travel restrictions are done with! So expect them to be running in 2022.


Even so, we managed to work out some interesting seminars, and the basic education courses in all 3 years have been running smoothly in both regions. It must be said that we have a lot to thank for too both regions for their commitment to the education programs and their thorough administration.


On the continued education side we had a great two days with Phil Allen who animated a hands-on scoring game seminar that was really well appreciated by all those who attended. We enjoyed Jochem Burghouts day on Putting with data at the Beats of Golf, and were  very proud of launching the ‘Meet the national and regional coaches’ programs with Michel Vanmeerbeek (BT), George MacKechnie (GV) and Henrik Lundqvist (AFGOLF).


This program has been setup so that all regions get to host their own seminars and avoid too long travelling time and are open to all club captains and amateurs from the PGA club and all other amateurs keen to meet and hear our national coaches points’ of view.


Dates are still available this early 2022, and for sure we will be planning new ones with them on other subjects.