PHIL ALLEN on the road




After a first successful visit last year, Phil is back for another two days with us at the end of August.

He'll be with us on Friday 26 August and Saturday 27 for a two day seminar and practical workshops around the topic of Performance training.

The course will include the following topics:

✓ Improve the shots within 100m and Most Important shots around the green 

✓ Improve Emotional, Behavioural and Strategy for all aspects of your game 

✓ Become a Confident Putter Using Visualisation Techniques

✓ 9 Hole Game Assessment to Start Your Masterclass

✓ Improvement Plan Using Our Game Improvement training System✓ 6 hours of Fully Supervised and Structured Coaching Each Day✓ Build Your Confidence and Trust in Your Improved Skills With Our Unique Systems 

✓ 9 Hole Playing on course to Test Your New Skills✓ See Your Improvement in Practice Transferred to the Course in 2 days✓ Receive Phil Allen Educational e-Books


Phil is a highly renowned coach who works in the Netherlands. He is mainly known for being the coach of European star Joost Luiten. He has a very successful training structure at The Dutch Academy.

This is the second time we are hosting him after a very appreciated first visit last year. The main attractivity of his seminars is the practical time he offers with a total involvement, and this time it means actual playing time for all the attendees!

We highly recommend this course as it show us pros how to commit to our teaching and create real coaching plans for keen golfers !