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A new era of Tournaments

By now, most of you should have understood how we run our individual events during the VBS & EUROWATER MONDAY TOUR and the final order of merit, which is composed of 4 local tours (North, South, West and East) of 4 events each with their own ranking and extra prize money, + 4 national majors ( Benelux Trophy, Omnium, PGA Championship and the final PGA Masters) all brought together for a national order of merit as well as special Prize for the ROYAL SERIES winners (see below ’16 dates, 4 local tours, 4 majors).


This organization into 4 sections is important to us, as it remains a key feature of our new PGA Club membership!

Indeed, we are committed to bringing our players more income while playing, and our best way  of insuring this increase in prize money is through higher participation! And this participation can only come with having amateurs to play alongside us!

We’ve learned from our first year, and even if sometimes complicated, we understand where we can do better to help our players enjoy their rounds and how to setup the flights for all to enjoy a great day out! (See below : ’ New rules and commitment’).