A new era of Tournaments

By now, most of you should have understood how we run our individual events during the VBS & EUROWATER MONDAY TOUR and the final order of merit, which is composed of 4 local tours (North, South, West and East) of 4 events each with their own ranking and extra prize money, + 4 national majors ( Benelux Trophy, Omnium, PGA Championship and the final PGA Masters) all brought together for a national order of merit as well as special Prize for the ROYAL SERIES winners (see below ’16 dates, 4 local tours, 4 majors).


This organization into 4 sections is important to us, as it remains a key feature of our new PGA Club membership!

Indeed, we are committed to bringing our players more income while playing, and our best way  of insuring this increase in prize money is through higher participation! And this participation can only come with having amateurs to play alongside us!

We’ve learned from our first year, and even if sometimes complicated, we understand where we can do better to help our players enjoy their rounds and how to setup the flights for all to enjoy a great day out! (See below : ’ New rules and commitment’).



Join the fun !

Come and join the Pga of Belgium Pros on their weekly tournament schedule planned all over the country with sectional trophies to be won.

Here at the Pga of Belgium we are very excited to invite all amateurs of less than 24 hcp, of all age, to come and play on these remarkable Belgium golf courses and play alongside some of our pros while enjoying your very own competitive golf round!

While doing so you will be eligible to win beautiful golf gift offered by BUVA sport or even smart and fanciful watches offered by BRISTONWATCHES.

Choose you flight

While entering these events you can make your preferences known! You wish to play in a party of friends (flights of 3 max) or even choose to play in the company of one of our pros ! Everything is possible, you just need to make your choice known when entering by sending an email at info@pga.be

Players of less than 2,5 hcp get to play the course prepared for the pros (back tees). All others, get to play from forwards tees (yellow or red)

The fees, 85€, are usually less than average Green-fees, especially for PGA CLUB members (150€ membership and thereafter only 60€ per event) and are used to increase the purse available to the money winners of the day and your access to the course.

Get to play alongside the pros!

If you would like to be joined by a pro, nothing is easier, by adding an extra 25€ you can play alongside your chosen teacher (Game pro) or a tournament pro (Penina Pro).

Play with you teacher (GAME PRO CATEGORY)!

You could benefit from is views on your game while playing competitive golf and received at the end of your round some sound advice on how you played and how to play better. Depending on your arrangement with your coach you can even enjoy practice time after your round to cover all the issues of the day!

To do so, just enter the event and pay your dues : 85€ (or 60€ if you are a Pga Club member) + 25€ to play with a pro. Then write to info@pga.be to say that you want to play with your coach, state his name, and the other amateur who will join you. Of course, your amateur partner will also have to register and pay his dues in the same way you did!

Play with a tournament pro (Penina Pro)

If you only want to play alongside tournament Pros (Penina Pros or Senior, see conditions below) no matter who, just register with the extra 25€ and depending on your Hcp you will be added in a flight with willing pros.

If you are under 2.5 and under 50 years old you will play from the back-tees and at least one Penina Pros.

All other amateurs will play from the Front-tees.

If you are under 9,5 hcp, you will maybe play with a duo of Penina or Senior Pros.

If you are under 15 hcp you will play with a duo of Seniors or with a Game pros, you won’t be able to play with a Tournament Pro (Penina Pro).

All amateurs above 15hcp must play with a Game pro, and therefore have to enter with his knowledge.

Our purposes

Increase the playing level of our aspiring Tour players

Our intention is to motivate all keen professionals to play to higher standards and compete with the best players in the country, which does count some tournament pros active on 3rd level Tours (Protour, ALPSTour), and many former tour players who were active on the European Tours.

By developing a full weekly schedule of event, and with the help of our sponsors, we intend to keep our players in form during the season by allowing them to test their skills every week and therefore strengthen their competitiveness and will to strive.

Support financially their season

It’s also an indirect way of supplying some welcome financial support, to the best inform players, to go and play all over the world!

The winners to this day get to earn between 350 and 500€ while only 1/3rd of the pros get to be rewarded financially. Usually the last income maker gets around 60€.

We believe this to be too little and does not aid our motivated players to raise their income enough to enable them to be competitive on the international tours.

Our sponsors have increased these incomes by adding more than 15,000€ (awarded at the end of the season) of extra purse. And they are willing to add even more income if this Tour reaches full capacity. It is already a very substantial aid to our best players with international hopes but we still need to increase it.

By allowing all the keen amateurs of the country to come along and play during these events, the PGA OF BELGIUM has elaborated a multiple win strategy that not only satisfies amateur needs but also those of the playing pros.

This strategy has already allowed to increase the yearly gains by more than 5000€ with only a handful of amateur coming along. Our projections have shown us that a full capacity of 90 participants to all our events would increase it by 10,000€!

Best of all, if we do reach this capacity our actual sponsors have committed to an increase of more than 30%.

With the active participation of amateurs we will have the means to aid even more our upcoming professionals and we hope this idea will appeal to many amateurs and allows them to benefit from an immediate service of playing great golf courses while even playing alongside the pros.

At this time, the pros can win some extra income and gifts by topping various rankings


Our multiple wins & benefits strategy

Wins for the amateurs

In short, it means that any amateur coming along to play gets to play a golf round for less than an usual Green-fee! This is already a good reason to come no? Win one!

They could even get to play a full round of competitive golf in the company of the pros and be able to admire the golf skills of our Belgian pros form up close, for less than the cost of a one hour golf lesson! Win two!

At the end of their day they could participate to some of our clinics planned at the end of some of our Monday Tour events! It would mean an extra fee but it will be inevitably a rare opportunity of bettering their golf skills. Win three!

And, even tough they’ll be playing he course for a cheaper rate than usual, they will know that a part of their fee will be added to the purse of the day for which the Pros are playing for. Being therefore money providers to the best in form payers of the moment! Win four!

And finally, the amateurs will have the opportunity to win multiple rankings going from local tours of 4 tournaments (North, South, west and east tours) to a national Royal Series where they will be able to win great golf gifts by BUVA SPORT and fanciful watches by BRISTON WATCHES!

We believe this to be a rare opportunity for amateur to enjoy their games, play competitively, have an opportunity of lowering their hcp, win beautiful prices and support the playing pros!

Amateurs could even win more by becoming members of the PGA Club!

By paying a 365 days memberships of 150€ they could play all the Monday Tour events for 60€ in place of 85€, and enjoy all our continued education calendar at special members rates!

Wins for the hosting clubs

The golf clubs who have supported us by hosting an event, will also benefit from our Tour!

In a direct way we have increased their income of the day by moving from a 500€ location fee to a more generous partition of the incomes ! Meaning that at full capacity the tour will be paying the club up to 2000€ (around 1000€ for 60), following this repartition grid: 10€ for every pro +15€ for every youngster+ 30€ for every non member amateur up to 60 participants+ 45€ for every 61st and more, non member amateur!

Indirectly the golf club hosts will be allowing their members to play  their course in the company of the pros for unbeatable fees and giving them a chance to stand out in the regional and national rankings.

And finally, they will be benefiting of some media coverage as the Tour edits its own videos of every event and posts them on social medias to more than 7000 subscribers!