The PGA National Golf Academy at the Golf des Lacs


We have also reached a close partnership with the Golf des Lacs, which has become our National Academy and where we intend to host many of you.


Yes you!


If you have a school topic that you wish to put in place for a 2, 3 or 4 days while benefiting from some top range technological support and you want to make it available to the complete Belgian market? We can do this for you!


George Mackechnie and Yuri Tadiotto have already come up with subjects and we will, as the PGA National Academy, promote them nationally through our social media and hopefully with the help of the regions.


Do you want to do the same? Would you like to prepare a full 3 days schedule of learning activities while being helped by sophisticated technology (Toptracer mats, Samputtlab, flighscope and force plates) ?


Then please contact us, so that together we can organize it to you best requirements!