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The most talented amongst you will probably dream of a career on The Tour and wish to enjoy the glamour and fame that we see from the top players. Unfortunately there are many like you and the battle at the top is very tough.

Ideally, one can join the PGA and than get experience on the national and international Tours such as Alps Tour and EPDTour.

The following are the PGA Rules & Regulations on become a "TP" member:

2. PGA Tournament Professionals (Category B Member)

2.1. Professional candidates for this class of membership must be a member of the PGA European Tour or Ladies European Tour or have resided in Belgium for at least five consecutive years. (Affiliate or Challenge Tour Members of either Tour are not considered eligible for this class of membership).

Amateur candidates must be Belgian citizens, preferably be recommended by the Royal Belgian Golf Federation and hold a handicap of scratch (0.4) or better. For that purpose they shall show a last 12-month period proof of handicap.

2.2. Election or re-election

A candidate applying for this class of membership will do so on the official form supplied by the Association. He will require the signatures of two TP-Members. The completed form should then be sent to the National Headquarters where the Board of Directors will consider the application and their decision will be notified in writing to the applicant.

2.3. Benefits

TP-Members will not be entitled to the full Benefits of Membership as referred to in paragraph 1.4. for a PGA Golf Professional. They may attend the Association Annual General Meeting but shall have no voting rights, may not propose or endorse applications for election or re-election. They may not take employment as a PGA or Teaching Professional or employ any PGA Professionals or Trainees.

2.4. Conditions

TP Membership will be for Tournament Playing Professionals only. They shall not take the duties of a PGA Golf Professional.

TP Membership is on an annual basis. TP Members shall be required to play a minimum of 12 international tournaments from an International Approved Tour (see Part 5 II – 23.1) if they are to retain their membership.

5. Status

TP-Members are allocated a TP-Status according to the level of the Tour with which they are affiliated.