Continued education

"The moment you stop striving to become better, you also stop being good."


In an ever changing world such as golf where swing techniques and materials are continuously under evolution, the PGA Professionals need to keep themselves up-to-date in their business.

The PGA of Belgium has set up a system to evaluate the continued education of its members. Points are allocated in various areas of interest to the Professional. Furthermore, the PGA of Belgium organises minimum 2 seminars per year for its qualified Professionals.

Classification System

Each year the Club Professional receives a "Classification Request" that allows him/her to make a round-up of the past year.

Points are awarded in the following areas: General Experience, Personal Development, Positions of Responsibility within the PGA, Participation and Tournament record.

Classification Awards Programme

During the meeting of the Continued Education Committee on 6 September 2010 it has been decided to deduct points to any member who fails to process their annual classification sheet and those who fail to gain points from the PGA seminars and PGA Teaching Conferences that take place every year.

The Personal Development category in the Classification System will therefore be defaulted to minus 20 pts per year, then revised upwards based on points attained during the same year.

Advanced and Master Professional Awards

It has also been decided that the PGA will award 2 further categories within the Continued Education Programme and Classification framework. This will be open to all qualified members of the PGA of Belgium. These 2 new awards will be entitled:

  • PGA Advanced Professional
  • PGA Master Professional

The PGA feels that by awarding these titles it will increase the status of our worthy professionals within the golfing community in Belgium as well as further motivating all PGA members to uphold their continued education throughout their careers.

PGA Advanced Professional Criteria.

  • At least 8 yrs experience as a PGA Qualified member
  • Current A1 status, (achieve minimums in ALL categories)
  • Total of 120 points (capped) in the Classification System
  • Minimum of 50 points in Personal Development category
  • Minimum of 30 points in General Experience category

In addition an advanced Professional will have demonstrated an ability to work at a very high level with a contribution to:

  • The development of  players at different  levels and/or
  • A very strong reputation as an ethical business person who has established and extensive business and has benefitted the golfing community and/or
  • A strong reputation in Equipment technology and/or
  • Written articles/books and/or presented at  seminars.

Once a member has been awarded the title of Advanced professional he/she will be listed on the classification list as AP. The award will be permanent and the recipient will retain this level for life.

It is expected that around 5%-10% of all PGA qualified members will achieve this status

PGA Master Professional

  • At least 15 yrs experience as a PGA qualified member
  • Current PGA Advanced Professional status
  • 150 points capped

In addition a potential PGA Master Professional must be held in high national and/or international esteem. Made a significant contribution to the development of golf as a player, coach, administrator, entrepreneur and/or golf course designer. A leader in their field for a number of years.

Applications will be received by a representative panel that will comprise of:

  • PGA Chairman
  • PGA Head of Education
  • PGA Head of Continued Education
  • President of PGA Board of Governors
  • Representatives from RGFB, AFG and VVG
  • Holders of the Master Professional Award

This panel will deliberate through a voting process to determine whether the candidate can be named on the PGA Master Professional shortlist. The candidature will require 2/3 of the votes of the panel members present. Once on the shortlist the candidate will be invited to deliver a seminar (approx 3hrs) on their chosen specialty subject at a PGA Seminar or PGA Conference where upon they will be awarded ‘MASTER PROFESSIONAL’ status.

It is expected that around 2%-5% of all PGA qualified members will achieve this status

At any time and at its sole discretion, the PGA may modify, amend, complete or reduce the contents of the Classification Awards Program.

Brussels, 30 September 2010