Come and join the PGA Club!

Bringing in some new blood with the PGA Club


As we have been trying to say in all the other topics, is that to be able to grow and offer higher level of services to all our pro members, we need new blood!

We need them to be able to run successful continued education program and be able to invite renowned teachers from all over the world.

We need more participation in our tournaments as to increase the prize money and also satisfy our sponsors.

We need them to meet the organization requirements needed to run successful and professional events.


In simple words, we need more members and we feel the PGA club is there to exactly bring us what we need!


Their membership fees will pay for the running of the events, be the education seminars or tournaments.

Their participation fees to tournament and education will allow us to increase the prize money of all individual tournaments as well as to attract more renowned coaches  .


So, we invite all our PGA Pros to spread the word and act as salesmen of the PGA Club, for which they will benefit directly and indirectly!


So what are the benefits of joining the PGA Club?

  • Play in the Monday Tour at 60€ instead of 85€, and be eligible for the prestigious watch during the ROYAL SERIES and luxury watches on the local tours  !
  • Participate to all continued education courses at members fee (25% cheaper) without any restrictions!
  • Benefit of all our sponsors deals towards our members!