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/ Apr 10, 2017


To kick start the season and to question the knowledge of its members, the PGA invited Dominique Fournet to let the pros attending the PGA AGM, understand the psycho motricity differences of people and their links to their way of thinking.

Totally engaged in the mainstream movement of self-development, let’s hope that this knowledge of the different body types will help Belgian players of all levels to define themselves a movement that works with their preferred psycho motricity skills.

The astonishment of the pros there and the immediate tangible improvements of the amateur volunteers will certainly have an impact on their teaching.

The great weather, this new knowledge and the pleasure of being together will have renewed the general enthusiasm of all attendees.

Other important news was mentioned, such as the increase of prize money at the Monday Tour, a reorganization of the contents of the further education program in line with the needs of the clubs such as: salesmanship, member retention, and a general reorientation of the skills of the pros towards hosting newcomers and their perpetuation within the culture of the club.

With their experience of and familiarity with the club players, the pros are best placed and best equipped to create a new fascination for our sport more in line with the needs and aspirations of todays newcomers.

Finally, we were advised that the website will soon be renewed and will serve as a promotional platform to all PGA members who wish to promote themselves, and that Anthony Otterström was elected to the board of directors.

Next gathering, the 22nd 4Ball Trophy at the Royal Waterloo GC