The PGA of Belgium has a specific management and organizational structure.

The PGA of Belgium has adopted the following management and organizational structure.

The role and objectives of the various bodies are described below.


The General Assembly of members remains the sovereign authority of the Association with the powers that are specifically recognized through its by-laws and constitution.

The Board of Directors consists of a Chairman, a Secretary and five board members, preferably all golf professionals. Its key accountabilities include:

  • Day-to-day management of core activities
  • Reporting to, and organization of, Board and General Meetings
  • Developing strategies, annual plans and budgets
  • Coordinating the Working Committees’ activities.
  • Supervising a full-time Secretariat providing administrative support to the Board and Board of Directors.The Secretariat is the primary information center on PGA-related matters for PGA members and the golfing world.

Board of Governors

The Board ensures adequate funding, access to specialists’ services, and the management expertise of outside executives to help build a strong and focused PGA. The Board consists of a panel of 15 captains of industry and other prominent individuals plus the Chairman of the PGA Board of Directors.