About us

The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of Belgium is one of the leading organisations within golf in Belgium.

The main objective of the Association is to promote the interest for the sport, to protect and enforce the mutual and professional interests of its members, to organise meetings and tournaments for its members, to provide a basic education for potential members and continued education for its qualified members, to create and manage mutual funds for its members and to help its members finding employment.

The original founding of the PGA of Belgium is to date unknown, although documents were found dating back to the 1920's (doc1doc2doc3) and 1930's (doc4). The association as it is structured today, was founded in 1988.

Board of Directors

  • President
    Sophie Leten
  • Secretary & Treasurer
    Vincent Willems
  • Education
    Tom Blanckaert (Flanders region)
    Anthony Otterström (Walloon region) 
    Valerie Van Ryckeghem (co-opted)
  • Tournaments
    Fabien Van Damme 
  • Chief Executive
    Bernard A. de Bruyckere

Board of Governors

  • Luc Opdebeeck, President
  • Jan-Peter Baert
  • Serge Caustur
  • Alain de Schouwer
  • Andre Duval
  • David Gybels
  • Jacques Heynen
  • Rene Mannekens
  • Chris Morton
  • Marc Pissens
  • Michel Preud'homme
  • Eddy Van Gelder
  • Roger Vanden Stock
  • Vincent Vroninks
  • Yves Nelissen Grade