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Although the overall picture of a "Club Pro" is of the person giving golf lessons, a PGA Club Professional is trained in many more areas than teaching.

The aim of the Education Programme is to deliver people who have knowledge in all aspects of the golf sport, so that they can be at the full service of the golf club and its members.

The PGA Basic Education Programme runs over three winter periods and must be passed if a person wants to join the Association. The Education Program has been set up by the PGA of Belgium in order to define and implement the standards of competence and knowledge required to enhance and improve the practise of golf and the levels of training and assistance available to the golf player. It focuses on the support and proof of competence in the profession of a Golf Professional.

The profession is defined by qualifications and knowledge in the following fields:

  • General Knowledge
  • Teaching Skills
  • Coaching
  • Equipment Technology
  • Commercial Studies
  • Sport Science applied to Golf
  • Rules of Golf
  • Tournament Organisation
  • Greenkeeping
  • Ecology
  • Course Architecture & Design
  • Club Management
  • General Sports Education by Bloso/Adeps

The contents of the Education Programme are resulting from the curriculum, which defines the general schedule of the Education Programme.

Entry criteria

Before October 15 of the current year and prior to the effectiveness of the Training Agreement, the Trainee will file the documents hereafter with PGA :

  • Copy of ID card
  • Copy of school diploma
  • Copy of the Initiator Golf diploma
  • 12 month history showing 3 scores totalling a maximum of +9 to the Course Ratings
  • For Trainees of foreign nationality: official authorisation to sojourn in Belgium for the duration of the Program